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Fiqh Mu’amalat Professional Programme
Flagship Programme
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Flagship Programme

Fiqh Mu’amalat Professional Programme

Fiqh Mua'malat professional Programme (FMPP) is BILIF's  signature programme which equips the participants with essential knowledge covering both Syariah and financial perspectives. With the objective of addressing potential gap between shariah scholars and practitioners, this is in line with BILIF's plan to contribute to the development of potential Syariah Board members as part of succession planning efforts for Negara Brunei Darussalam.

Below is the module structure for this course:

  • Module 1: Effective Syariah Advisor in Islamic Finance
  • Module 2: Application of Syariah Contracts in Islamic Financial Products
  • Module 3: Islamic Legal Maximus (Qawa'id Fiqhiyyah) for Islamic Finance
  • Module 4: Structuring of Islamic Finance Products and Services
  • Module 5: Accounting and Financial Reporting of Islamic Financial Institutions for Syariah Advisors
  • Module 6: Preparation and Presentation of Syariah Issues to Syariah Board
  • Module 7: Essentials of Legal Framework and Documentation for Syariah Advisors
  • Module 8: Syariah Control Functions in Islamic Financial Institutions